Admissions Blogger

The Syracuse University admissions blog is a collection of raw, authentic student stories about their unique undergraduate experiences. Targeted toward admitted students and parents, the admissions blog aims to highlight life at SU with spirit and enthusiasm.

Contributing Writer

Elite Daily is the premier online news platform for and by millennials, the leading source for breaking news and entertainment for the future leaders of our generation. Their tagline, “The Voice of Generation-Y,” not only reflects our commitment to delivering content specifically targeted for Generation-Y, but also content shaped by talented media professionals of the same demographic.

Style Columnist

Jerk Magazine is the premier student-run monthly publication at Syracuse University. The first of its kind, Jerk has set an unparalleled standard for campus magazines. In its efforts to “jerk” people out of their apathy, it has created a distinctive voice that is passionate and uncompromising, coupled with the visually arresting work of student artists.


Staff Writer

The Daily Orange, the independent campus newspaper of Syracuse, New York, was founded in 1903 and became independent in 1971. The paper publishes around 125 issues every academic year with a circulation of 6,000 copies, a readership of 20,000 and online circulation of about 280,000 during publishing months.

Style Guru

CollegeFashionista is a global community of students who are passionate about the latest styles, trends and happenings at college campuses around the world.  The concept – give students a medium through which they can experience, engage and share their cunning eyes for fashion, photography, social media and self-expression.